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    Livre DVD / 20 x 22 cm / 80 pages

    isbn : 978-2-35137-020-9 / Octobre 2009

    Texte (français & english) : Véronique Bouruet-Aubertot


    Le jour où Mohamed Camara se voitconfier un appareil photo numérique pour la première fois, il n’a pas 18 ans et une seule passion, le foot. Camara pointe son viseur vers la lumière, vers le seuilde sa porte. Ainsi naissent "Les Chambres maliennes", suivies entre autres de "Certains matins" (2004 - 2006) et de deux films vidéo (présentés sur le DVD intégré à ce livre). Personne ne s’y trompe : les expositions s’enchaînent en Belgique, en Suisse,en Espagne, à la Tate Modern à Londres,à l’ICP à New York, à Toronto, à Bamako... Aujourd’hui, Mohamed Camara n’a plus une mais deux passions : le foot et la photographie. 


    When Mohamed Camara was given a digital camera for the first time, he was not yet 18 years old and his one passion was football. Having run into trouble when he tried to take photographs in the streets of Bamako, Mohamed tried to return the camera, but was persuaded to persevere. So off he went with the precious object, deciding to experiment at home (outdoor photography being too tough for a beginner). He aimed his viewfinder towards the light, towards the threshold of his room. The result: "Malian Rooms". Since that time, Camara has continued his anti-chronicle of everyday life. His latest series, "Some Mornings" (2004-2006), is a blend of humor and melancholy. Mohamed Camara has also tried his hand at video : "Mohamed’s Curtains" and "The Dream of a Young Man from Provence" are his two films to date (presented on the DVD included with this book). Mohamed’s talent has not gone unnoticed. He has had a series of exhibitions: in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, at London’s Tate Modern, at the ICP in New York, in Toronto, Bmako…  Now Mohamed Camara no longer has one, but two passions: football and photography.


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